Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Beware of frauds: make sure you know more than firms to buy a Property in Delhi NCR

To book a Property in Delhi NCR gives not goose bumps but a lot of headache and tension! There are so many frauds going around that it is difficult to find out which claims are genuine and which are false ones! Hence, one must educate on her/his own in order to counter the real estate firms coming up with all sorts of promises and then only decide to buy!
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What factors must be checked?

Among the things to be checked in order to ascertain if a firm is making the right claims, there are innumerable factors to see, and one must be patient in such important deals:-

•    Check out the papers dealing with registration and other permissions necessary from authorities.
•    It is a must to confirm from papers if the real estate being offered fall in urban area or semi-rural; note that a semi-rural area will never have as much facilities as another marked as ‘urban’, like metro stations.

•    Use Google Maps to locate the exact place and note its proximity to NH 24.
•    Also check if the place is too far away from the airport or the nearest rail station.
•    Make sure there are good schools and hospitals in a span of 3-4 kilometers from the place.

These are only a few and one may learn only out of experience.

How to gain experience?

Simple, just don’t go with the very first firm you meet. Today with the internet, you can do wonders! So just drop in with a Google search and check out the various important factors to look for Property in Delhi NCR for acquiring a new property and educate yourself! It will take some time, effort as well as patience, but just make sure you go through the process! This will definitely help you in making the best decisions of life so that you never repent in future!

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